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At Royalty Rewards® we believe in marketing that is measurable, in delivering more than we promise, in honesty, accountability and following through on what we say.  Our mission is to grow your sales and profits, to give you the life you dreamed of when you decided to open your restaurant, like we’ve done for thousands of restaurant owners before you. We look forward to watching your business grow with Royalty Rewards®.


"Before we discovered Royalty Rewards® the traditional advertising we were trying just wasn't working very well for a small restaurant in a mountain community. We were at the restaurant 12-14 hours a day, hoping to get more people in. It was stressful being there all the time and doing all the jobs and being stuck working IN the business. Once we discovered Royalty Rewards®, things started to change very quickly. As our business levels grew, we could afford to have more staff. We could step back to take time to work on the business and even then begin to take some time to step away for personal time and for some travel. Frankly, we wouldn't be starting a new restaurant in the middle of a pandemic if we didn't have the confidence of the Royalty Rewards®  behind us.It has been the cornerstone of all of our marketing. The support of the staff is fantastic. In 90 days, what have you got to lose? It's absolutely worth doing."

Wapiti Colorado Pub, Fort Collins, Colorado
Tory Nelson
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“Royalty Rewards literally saved my business. It has turned us around. It has made my life so much easier and my customers really love it. My wife and I are  able to get away at least one week a year. We take vacations. We take little mini-breaks that we were never able to do before because we were chained to our business. It has freed us up and made life easier. There’s no reason to be on the fence. You need to jump in the water, get your feet wet. This program works and we simply love it.”

Rick Bendgen
Kenning’s Circle K, Cincinnati, Ohio


"Royalty Rewards® is probably the closest to a magic wand I have found in this industry and I've been in the industry 40 years. I'm not worried about making money any longer. I just want to have my free time. And my wife and I have been able to have more free time. We just went through a huge downturn, the whole country, the whole world. But because of Royalty Rewards®, we were able to get through it and we can breathe again and enjoy our lives. We have a person in our group that says leap and the net will appear, and that net is Royalty Rewards®."

Scott Stanley

Stanley’s Ale House, South Elgin, IL
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"Royalty Rewards® made an immediate impact on my business. With the implementation of Royalty Rewards® at my restaurant we've seen a major increase to sales. We've doubled revenue inside of five years. That has allowed a lot more time freedom and a lot more money freedom. And I also see myself as more of a professional now. I'm able to take the time away from my business and work on my business instead of in my business, and that has made all the difference.."

Amy Madden

Roosters Diner, Pendleton, OR