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The closest to a magic wand I have found in the restaurant industry.

"When they announced the two week shut down I was scared that there was no way I could last two weeks, but Royalty Rewards® gave me the ability because I was able to communicate to my customers when they weren't able to walk in the door any longer. Royalty Rewards® is probably the closest to a magic wand I have found in this industry and I've been in the industry 40 years. We just went through a huge down, the whole country, the whole world, but because of Royalty Rewards®, we were able to get through it and we can breathe again and enjoy our lives. I'm not worried about making money any longer and my wife and I have been able to have more free time."

Scott Stanley, Stanley's Ale House, South Elgin, IL

Royalty Rewards® is North America's most comprehensive and professionally delivered marketing and loyalty program that automatically delivers a flood of customers to your restaurant’s doors everyday.

Specifically, our goal is to get your existing customers to…

  • Return more often
  • Have them spend more each visit
  • Spend more in your Restaurant throughout the year
  • Be so loyal to you, that when a crisis occurs, they'll continue to spend money with you
  • Attract a steady stream of NEW CUSTOMERS to your Restaurant

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