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As an independent Business Owner, you might feel alone in your marketing struggles. Who can you talk to that will offer some insight into the latest technology, proven marketing strategies, or seek advice on how to best target your marketing? Everyone from your brother-in-law to your banker has advice, but where do you turn to for trustworthy, proven marketing strategies?

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses to grow their businesses. Join one of our Program Directors on a FREE Marketing Analysis and Strategy Session. They’ll learn more about your business, your specific struggles, your unique market and will recommend the best ways to begin focusing your marketing so that it will get you the best results. This is not based on what we believe will work…it is based on what we KNOW works for independent businesses like yours.

Join one of our Marketing Program Directors to review:

  • Your current marketing strategies
  • Your target market
  • Your online review sites and how you rank
  • Uncover which aspects of marketing are your biggest struggle
  • Investigate where you are vs where you want to be to unearth some strategies to get you there
  • How you can avoid any of the mistakes you might be making

We want you to succeed in a big way. We don’t have any hidden agenda, if you like what we do we can continue to work together. If not, you can take the information from your strategy session and put it to work in your business. Our strategies are proven to work for independent businesses. We’re like your own personal coach to provide support and guidance along the way.

There is no obligation to buy anything. No high-pressure sales pitch. No work on your part. This is a FREE GIFT valued at $297 for taking action and reading our report.
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The closest to a magic wand I have found.

"When they announced the two week shut down I was scared that there was no way I could last two weeks, but Royalty Rewards® gave me the ability because I was able to communicate to my customers when they weren't able to walk in the door any longer. Royalty Rewards® is probably the closest to a magic wand I have found and I've been a business owner for 40 years. We just went through a huge down, the whole country, the whole world, but because of Royalty Rewards®, we were able to get through it and we can breathe again and enjoy our lives. I'm not worried about making money any longer and my wife and I have been able to have more free time."

Scott Stanley, Stanley's Ale House, South Elgin, IL

Royalty Rewards® is North America's most comprehensive and professionally delivered marketing and loyalty program that automatically delivers a flood of customers to your business' doors everyday.

Specifically, our goal is to get your existing customers to…

  • Return more often
  • Have them spend more each visit
  • Spend more in your business throughout the year
  • Be so loyal to you, that when a crisis occurs, they'll continue to spend money with you
  • Attract a steady stream of NEW CUSTOMERS to your business

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