If you own your own Restaurant, Auto Repair Shop, or Retail Store, this promotion will make you LOVE taxes...

Cash In On The Power Of The

Done For You
Tax Break
Sales Boost Promotion

Looks just like a real tax refund from your business, gets your customers back in your business!
Deadline Feb. 14, 2024
$1.92 per piece
 Promotions Mailed
Sales Generated
Our Track Record
10 Years of Success
1,087 Businesses Helped

Watch this to see exactly how it works.
Hear what other businesses just like yours have to say about the Tax Break Sales Boost Promotion
"$12,000 in Sales and it's completely done for me!"
Los Gringos Locos

"Our customers love this, we had over 50% redemption!"
Sluggo's Sports Pub & Grill

"Over $6000 in revenue, definitely doing it again!"
Metro Pet Supply

"I was resistant but we made $98,000 in Sales!"
Dave's Automotive LLC
(Auto Repair Shop)

"Increased our sales by
almost $42,000
Riverfront Seafood Company


"Our customers love it and we made $60,191 in sales. You won't be disappointed!"
Car Care Inc.

(Auto Repair Shop)

"It's like printing money.
You just can't go wrong.
Jerrol's (Books, Office, Art Supplies and More!)

Deadline Feb. 14, 2024
$1.92 per piece 
Transform Tax Time Into Revenue Time.
Tax time is rapidly approaching and it’s not all doom and gloom! The Tax Break Sales Boost Promotion is one of our most successful and popular campaigns!  We've been running this promotion for our clients for almost 10 years and increased their April sales by thousands of dollars.
Will This Tax Break Sales Boost Promotion Work For You?
Everyone likes a tax refund, no matter how small. People are already thinking about taxes, and this offers them a little break from you that they’ll respond to. This tried-and-true promotion is designed to look just like an actual check (because everyone knows checks = money!). It comes in a Kraft envelope from your business, date stamped ‘Time Sensitive’. The clear window in the envelope gives your customers a ‘sneak peek’ at the check inside.

If you got a check in the mail, you’d open it wouldn’t you? Especially if you were already expecting one in the mail! One of the reasons this promotion is so successful is it enters the conversations already playing in your customers’ minds…"when will I get my tax return". 
What kind of results does this get?
We’ve had Restaurant Owners, Auto Repair Shop Owners and Retail Store Owners use this promotion in their business, all with great results.

In fact, on average:

  • Retail Stores have a $26 to $1 ROI and average $41,037.33 in sales.
  • Restaurants have a $21 to $1 ROI and average $48,749.66 in sales
  • Auto Repair Shops have a $54 to $1 ROI and average $103,068.35 in sales
Deadline Feb. 14, 2024
$1.92 per piece
We Make It As Easy For You As...
Customize Your Promotion
The first step is to have a short call with our Tax Break Promotion Expert Tina, who will get the details needed to fulfill your promotion. You will need to provide a mailing list of existing customers (minimum 250), your logo and some simple information about your business. If you don't have a list, Tina has a solution for that.

Tina has done this promotion for hundreds of businesses and she knows her stuff. She will make it a success for you too!
Tina Hernandez
Tax Break Promotion Expert
Everything's Included
After your initial call, we'll send you materials to help make this promotion a success. You'll receive a staff training guide, a redemption process guide, including a UPS label to send the redeemed promotions back to us for tracking for you, and a reminder email template to send to your recipients to remind them to come in as the expiry date approaches.
We Track And Review Your Results
The Tax Break Checks will be delivered in homes on or around April 1st. As they are returned to your business, you only need to collect them together with the transaction amount noted.

After the expiry date passes (April 30th), stuff the redeemed promotions and noted transaction amounts into an envelope, use the pre-paid UPS label we have provided you, and send it all back to use for tracking and reporting.

You'll have another call with Tina, who will give you a break down of the results. How many were redeemed, the total transaction value, your ROI and we'll even send back your updated list noting who redeemed the promotion. This is valuable information because it  demonstrates who your best customers are, and who are most likely to spend MORE money with.
Deadline Feb. 14, 2024
$1.92 per piece
Answers before you ask.
Direct Mail?  Are you nuts?
Aside from the occasional bill and the local realtor flyers, there’s generally not much that arrives in your physical mailbox. When something out of the ordinary arrives, it catches your customer’s attention.

Smart marketers know that direct mail is the secret weapon, since the return on investment is often much higher than any return you will get on your email or Social Media marketing. 

Direct mail response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel. Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails. (Data Targeting Solutions)
Aren't you tricking customers?
Not at all. We've written this to ensure that the recipient knows it's just for fun. Making people laugh is one of the best ways to connect with them and make them remember your business. 

Despite the challenging economy, political unrest, the climate crisis (or perhaps because of them), customers want happy, fun, memorable experiences. Businesses that offer creative, entertaining and imaginative experiences are driving deeper connections.

Finding ways to stand out from everyone else isn't difficult, because so many businesses do so little in the way of marketing. Look around your community, aside from the ones competing on price (which you NEVER want to do), who's doing any interesting marketing? Pretty sure it's an easy battle to win.

This is a unique and creative promotion that will make you stand out from the competition. When customers are engaged and entertained, they are more likely to choose your business again and again.

“Brands who put authenticity and courageous creativity at the core of their plans are the ones who generate the most love,” said Hootsuite’s Maggie Lower.

I don't want to discount.
We all like to think that our business is so loved by our customers that they spend time thinking about how they can come and spend money with us again. Unfortunately they, like the rest of us, have so many other things on their mind: their work, their kids’ schoolwork, soccer schedules, piano practice, getting to the gym, grocery shopping…. The list is endless.

This promotion is an incentive to get them to come back again sooner than they would have.

This promotion is for your EXISTING customers, a mailing list of people that already know, like and trust you. The secret to great marketing and growing sales is to retain your existing customers and prevent them from ending up in the “where did they go” list.

Which means you need to remind them of your business, its products and services, and of your value.

What if I don't have a list?
We can help! A customer list is the moneymaker of marketing waiting to be utilized. When you build a solid list of your EXISTING customers who have given you money in the past, you are then able to communicate with them – building a strong, loyal relationship. People don’t want to do business with a ‘brand’, they want to do business with people, especially when we are talking about local businesses. Having all the important contact information allows you to communicate and establish loyal relationships with your customers.

We will build you a customized marketing program that runs on autopilot as you build and grow a customer list. Book a call for a 90 Day Free Trial to get started.

What more do we need to say? The proof is in the pudding. Sign up now and get started.
Deadline Feb. 14, 2024
$1.92 per piece
Questions? Email us at support@royaltyrewards.com or
Call us at: 1-888-353-5012
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