May 25th & 26th, 2021

You Are Invited To The Next Platinum Elite Meeting

Tuesday May 25th and Wednesday May 26th
9:00AM PST / 12:00PM EST - 3:00PM PST / 6:00PM EST

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This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a “closed-door”, virtual meeting with a group of the most successful Royalty Rewards® clients. Throughout 2020, the members of this group have THRIVED and it is at these meetings where their best ideas come together.
At the Platinum Elite meeting, you'll: 

  • Discover some of our top-business growth methods and guest experts normally shared ONLY with our Platinum Elite members 

  • Meet some super successful business owners in your industry and get the chance to pick their brain to find out what strategies, tactics, and tools they’re using to have incredible results year after year 

  • Experience lasting breakthroughs with our rapid-fire masterminding where we’ll help you “fix” the leaks in your business and give you the proven strategies your specific business needs to make this year your best year ever

  • Get in-depth feedback on what you can do starting now to put repetitive functions in your business on autopilot so you can focus on the things you love!

  • PLUS: Discover firsthand why the Platinum Elite program is responsible for turning around countless businesses, delivering millions in additional revenue, and showing business owners like you the secret growth strategies the top 1% use

  • And a whole lot more!

Yes! I want to attend the next Platinum Elite Meeting
Spots are limited! To guarantee your seat, we do ask for a fully-refundable $97 seat deposit. (You will be refunded after the event). 
Just take a look at what people say and do when they get this kind of open access!
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"Taken Me To The Next Level”

"Platinum has taken me to the next level that I want it to be in my personal life and my business life. I don't think I could ever leave the group, I don't think I could go a day without talking to one of them. People there make me feel like we can accomplish anything. It's a wonderful group, a great group. I couldn't do anything without them."

Scott Stanley, Stanley's Ale House, South Elgin, IL
"This was priceless....”

Wayne Michelli, Riverfront Seafood Company, Kingsport, TN
Platinum Elite Changed Everything!

"We’ve just had one of our busiest long weekends we’ve ever had…our sales are up, our profits are waaaayyy up and it’s all because of the thoughts, ideas and strategies that I’ve learned from Platinum Elite. About 6 years ago we were going down hard…The business was a mess and so was I… the Platinum Group changed everything, the business, my thought process, and especially me. Thank you all so much.”

Gary & Jillian Leech, Congdon’s Family Restaurant, Wells, ME

Doubled My Business!

"I got invited to do the test drive and I just felt so at home with all of the other members in the room.  They all understood me.They all understand my business struggles and my desire to increase the business. There were a lot of great speakers and great sessions but what I really find useful is working with people that are  trying to take their business to the next level.  I've taken away so many pieces of information that have helped me succeed that I've nearly doubled business at Roosters.”

Amy Madden, Roosters Restaurant, Pendleton, OR